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Wood Re-Finishing

Wood Floor Restoration

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Nu-Life Floorcare Presents Wood Floor Restoration

If you’re looking for a reputable company that can provide professional wood floor restoration services across the UK, Nu-Life is the team for you.

Whether for a business or home, our wood floor restoration process is guaranteed to dramatically improve the appearance of your floor and room. Unlike any other wood floor sanding company, our process is something we have developed over thirty years in the industry.

Here’s the official process we use when carrying out our wood floor restoration services:

First is the preparation of the room in which the floor restoration will take place. We carefully protect the floors that are not being restored and are access to the floor which is being restored so that there is no damage or mess when we are entering, leaving or carrying our equipment in and out of your premises.

Next, we protect the skirting boards and wall coverings using special low tack tape, waterproof plastic and/or waxed paper to prevent the unlikely possibility of any overspray or damage to the surrounding area.  We then vacuum the entire floor using our HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners.

HEPA filters are used to prevent any unpleasant odours being released into the room whilst maintaining a strong vacuum power.  We then vacuum around all the edges of the room using nozzles specifically designed to vacuum smaller spaces efficiently and get into all those nooks and crannies that might have unwanted dust particles lurking.

Once excess dirt is hoovered up, we dry mop all the areas that are to be treated with large 100% cotton mops to ensure any excess dust is removed. This is followed by sanding, where a  professional-grade abrasive screen disc sanding machine will be used.

The process is virtually dust-free with no unpleasant odours. We carefully sand the entire area repeatedly to ensure complete extinction of any old seal coatings or excess dirt leaving a perfect finish ready for the edges and corners to be treated.

At this stage pf the wood floor restoration, we use specially designed machines which ensure correct blending of the room’s perimeter and main floor areas to uphold an aesthetically even look. The team then sweep, vacuum and dust your floors, walls and skirting boards to make the area dust-free and ready for deep cleaning.

Using specially designed soft cloths and mineral spirits we clean the entire floor to make sure there is no possibility of any unwanted particles that might spoil the wood floor restoration process.

Before applying selected seal finish products that will restore your wooden floor to look brand new, we open windows to ventilate the room.

Next, we carefully apply even coats of wood floor finish using specialised rollers and edging brushes before coating the floor with sealer and lacquer.  We use the highest quality strengthening lacquer which bonds to the pre-treated floor to create a protective and beautiful finish ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.

We are so confident in providing satisfaction that if you’re not happy, we will come back and clean all over again completely free of charge. And if you’re STILL not happy, we can offer you a  100% Money Back Guarantee.

Get in touch with us today via our Contact page or Request A Quote in the form below.

If you’d like to receive a wood floor restoration service, call us now on  0161 480 4848.

Mike Philbin

Mike Philbin

Floor Restoration & Maintenance Expert, host of & Director @ Nu-Life Floor Care, love my family, giving amazing customer service & Man City