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Stone Cleaning

Natural Stone Floor Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration Services

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Natural Stone Floor Cleaning Services from NuLife

Are you on the hunt for high quality natural stone floor cleaning and restoration services from a reliable company?

If you’re based in the North West and your stone floors are looking a bit dull and worn out, NuLife are on hand to provide you with a first class cleaning and restoration service.

Who are NuLife Floorcare?

The NuLife family have been around for over thirty years now, offering professional floor care services to thousands of people. We have even carried out floor cleaning and restoration services for Hollywood stars, professional footballers and famous TV personalities.

We are a polite, uniformed team who are fully qualified and trained to produce results that are second to none. We are also the only total floor care company in the United Kingdom that has been awarded ISO 9001 certification –  an standard that is recognised internationally for demonstrating complete commitment to high quality and consistent customer satisfaction. 

We present the most thorough natural stone floor cleaning services wherever we go, and we always work hard to beat expectations.  

Our Products

That’s right. We design and manufacture our very own products to use when carrying out jobs.

Why? Well, we just don’t consider the products on the market to be of a particularly high quality or even safe enough to be applying in our customers’ properties.

If a little bit of dirt can erode stone slowly over time, imagine the effect a mixture of man-made chemicals can do.

So, we professionally manufactured stripping agents, durable, long-lasting tile sealers & protector impregnators. Not to mention colour enhancers to rejuvenate the colours and beauty of your stone floors.

Every product we created is designed to guarantee complete removal of stains in an environmentally friendly way and doesn’t leave behind those strong, unwanted chemically odours. Here at NuLife, taking the environment into consideration has always been a key factor of how we do things. Using chemically-overloaded products just isn’t what we are about.

Get in Touch for a Natural Stone Floor Cleaning and Restoration Service

The presentation of your floors and your home will be improved dramatically once you have tried and tested NuLife’s natural stone floor cleaning services. We promise you’ll be blown away by the results!

Get in touch with us for a quote on our natural stone floor cleaning, polishing and restoration services.

Request a quote in the form below or give us a call on 0161 480 4848.

All the best

The NuLife Team

Mike Philbin

Mike Philbin

Floor Restoration & Maintenance Expert, host of & Director @ Nu-Life Floor Care, love my family, giving amazing customer service & Man City