It's The Grand Hotel in Lytham, St Annes! A beautiful hotel that's been in this pretty little beach town since 1897! We've done work with this hotel for many years but this ones a particularly special one. All at cost, no profit, so we can help them get ready for re-opening after this difficult year for everyone.
Big thanks to @pallmann_uk @pallmannusa for getting involved and supplying their product for FREE!🙏 It feels good to do our bit. Let's get turning this old looking floor back in to something beautiful again! @grand_hotel

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It's Monday and we're starting the week strong in the beautiful sunshine! Can anyone guess where we are? #beachtown ...

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Want to join one of the best teams in Manchester? Several positions available ...

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We've made it to 1000 subscribers on our YouTube channel! What a milestone! Thank you to everyone who has subscribed so far and to everyone enjoying the videos we're putting out.
If you haven't yet subscribed then please do as the more subscribers and the more likes on our videos we get YouTube are more likely to push us out to a wider audience, and we want to keep growing!
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Episode 5 of Inside NuLife is OUT NOW!
This one's a good one! Mike gets free reign of The Tate Liverpool whilst we sand and refinish the gallery wooden floors and Jay restores one of the dirtiest Jacuzzi's we've ever seen!

If you've missed our other episodes then watch the whole series now at

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Episode 4 of Inside NuLife is OUT!
This week, Jay stays at home and Mike takes us to our Liverpool Warehouse project to see the progress, we complete a wood floor sanding job at the old Boardwalk music venue in Manchester AND we're at City Suites, a luxury apartment complex showing you how we restore tiles and grout lines and take you through our carpet cleaning process. IT'S A BIG ONE!

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If you're looking for the best #floorrestoration and finishing in #manchester then you've come to the right place!

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Amazing picture taken by one of our wood guys this week - sometimes we have to treat one half of the floor first due to furniture challenges.

This floorboard restoration job was stained with medium oak and sealed to a silk finish 👌

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Inside NuLife EP003 is released in 15 minutes!!

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Episode 002 of Inside Nu-Life is nearly here! In this episode Mike walks around an abandoned Lowry Hotel and talks about Lockdown No.3, Jay possibly removes a Banksy and we talk you through how we restore and polish marble tables at the beautiful Lowry Hotel in Manchester.
Head to our YouTube Channel at 16:00 to watch the full video #nulife #adayinthelife #insidenulife

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Fresh new signage in the Nu-Life offices! You might start seeing this backdrop pop up in our ‘Inside Nu-Life’ YouTube series...What does everyone think?
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Episode 1 of ‘Inside Nu-Life’ is out soon!
The first episode of our new video series will premiere on YouTube at 15:30 today!
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Link in bio.....
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