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How to Make an Entrance

By November 10, 2016November 18th, 2016No Comments

Do you know how to make an entrance?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

One of the most famous sayings that all of us have heard at some point in our lives. Usually from our parents as we are about to set off for our first interview for a job or college interview.

But do you know who said it?

Many suggest Oscar Wilde, but there’s no evidence he ever uttered the immortal words. It was, in fact, Harlan Hogan an American voice actor is the first person heard saying the phrase in an advert for the Bounty Suits company in 1966. No matter the lips, it passed it’s one of the most poignant phrases ever because it is so true. All of us will have had experience of being judged and judging others the first time we met them. Why it’s only nature that we do. But it can be so critical to the success of our relationship or objectives of being with the person or people we’ve chosen to be with for the first time. And a significant part of making that best first impression is the entrance you make.

How to make a movie star entrance.

Whatever the event, meeting or reasons behind your need to make an entrance adhere to the following steps to make the best possible entrance all the time, every time. Following these simple steps and you will arrive like a Sheriff entering the saloon at high noon!

Survey the site – Before making your entrance take a moment to review and understand the doorway you are about to enter. How many times have you tried to get into a building using the locked door?

Take the first step and stop – Never rush into a room. Enter and pause, taking in your surroundings and all those in it.

Exude confidence through a smile – Behaviour breeds behaviour so looking like you are glad to be there whatever the situation will result in others being happy that you are there too.

What happens if it all goes wrong? – Keep calm and carry on regardless!

What is Your First Impression of an Entrance?

Daily Nu-Life Floorcare is making an entrance. Making entries look better giving them the ability to present the best first impression to its occupants, visitors or guests. Arguably the entrance of a building is the most important area of the floor space. None more so than within a hotel. The reception or foyer of a hotel is considered the most significant element of the hotel’s design. It creates the ambience of the hotel and is said to set the tone of the guest’s experience. Explaining why more than half of a hotel’s design budget is invested in delivering the best experience to the guests as they walk through the door.

Is Your Entrance Making the Best First Impression?

It’s hard when you arrive at an office every day to see through the eyes of a first-time visitor. But if you could how would you rate the experience? What first impression would you have? Is the flooring tired looking, is it scuffed and worn, or could it be cleaner? Nu-Life Floorcare delivers expertise in restoring, cleaning and bring all types of flooring back to its natural glory. From office blocks to school halls to hotel foyer’s over the past 30 years we have built a reputation as the U.K.’s leading floor care service experts. Regardless of the flooring type, our unique processes can ensure your floor space is brought back to life at a cost that will always be more cost-effective than having it replaced.

Make your entrance great today by contacting Nu-Life Floorcare.

Mike Philbin

Mike Philbin

Floor Restoration & Maintenance Expert, host of & Director @ Nu-Life Floor Care, love my family, giving amazing customer service & Man City