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Uncovering Old Parquet Block Flooring! – Inside NuLife Season 2!

By August 31, 2021No Comments

Season 2 of Inside NuLife is here!

We’re back with more amazing projects from the NuLife team to show you how we do things and show you the amazing results that we can achieve!

In Episode 2 of Inside NuLife our CEO Mike uncovers some old parquet block flooring at the historic Manchester University that’s been hidden for years under screed, plyboard, and carpet!

NuLife’s job this week is to finally uncover all the parquet block flooring and restore it back to its original beauty by repairing sections of it, sanding it back, and then re-sealing it to make sure it lasts for years to come!

On the other side of Manchester we have a job for our TORC system on a set of granite steps that others have struggled to get clean for years with standard pressure washers.

Our TORC system is a type of media blasting that is seen as the safest and most efficient way to clean stone and is widely regarded as the best way to clean heritage stone.

So watch episode 2 below to see if we can finally restore this old parquet block flooring and FINALLY clean these dirty granite steps.

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