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Hit the Floor for Your Spring Clean

By March 31, 2017February 2nd, 2022No Comments
The daffodils are out, the birds are chirping, and the low sun shines through your windows to reveal unwanted marks on your flooring.

It’s time for a flooring spring clean!
Spring is a time when we all get an extra spring in our step. The anticipation of summer seems to give us an energy boost which we use to spring clean our home and office.
The low level of the sun glares through the window highlighting all the flooring wear and tear. The outcome of the New Year party as well as spending an increased level of time indoors during the winter months.
So why not start your spring clean from the floor up.

Quality Wood, Marble or Stone Flooring Needs a Professional Polish.
Regular mopping can keep your flooring dust free, but it won’t give your flooring the required deep clean. Quality flooring should receive a professional clean at least once a year. Nu-Life Floorcare has been providing floorcare services within the Manchester and Cheshire areas for 30 years. Regarded as the leading marble and stone floor polishing company in the UK Nu-Life has developed unique cleaning processes to ensure the perfect job on every occasion. What’s more, Nu-Life manufactures their floorcare products that are plant based to ensure no harmful acidic chemicals damage your flooring as well as reducing the odour to a minimum resulting in little disruption to your home or office.


TipsFromMike FloorCare NuLife
The Nu-Life Floorcare Top 5 Tips for Flooring Spring Clean:
1. Use formulated detergent for calciferous stone as general floor cleaner may contain acid that etches the surface
2. Start by using hot water & appropriately formulated cleaner & then wipe the surface dry with a cotton cloth or chamois
3. Never leave pools of water to dry on marble floors, it could end up leaving a stain. Use a soft cloth to dry
4. Sitting pots can cause scratches & deep stains on flooring so place all on individual bases
5. Abrasive dirt causes damage to flooring, so place a doormat out & inside an entrance
If you require further advice, please contact us: Nu-Life Floorcare

Whatever your spring cleaning ritual we hope you’re able to find the time to enjoy the coming months sunshine and late nights.


Mike Philbin

Floor Restoration & Maintenance Expert, host of & Director @ Nu-Life Floor Care, love my family, giving amazing customer service & Man City