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Floor Sanding

Manchester Floor Sanding Experts

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Nu-Life Floorcare are a qualified team of floor sanding experts in Manchester that have been providing high quality wood floor sanding and restoration services in the UK since 1981.

We are now an ISO 9001 Quality Assured Floor Care Company, and have satisfied over 40,000 customers, including listed buildings, prestigious hotels, TV personalities, Hollywood Stars and even footballers.

If your wood floors are looking dull and worn out, the Nu-Life team have the training, the experience, the workmanship and the professional floor sanding equipment needed to completely revitalise the appearance of your wood floors.

You are always guaranteed a 100% thorough and efficient service from Nu-Life’s wood floor sanding experts.

Take a look at the  floor sanding process that we’ve developed over the past few decades:

Step 1 – Room preparation –  On arrival, our floor sanders will carefully lay protection on the floors that are not being sanded in order to prevent any damage or mess when carrying equipment in and out of your property. Wall coverings and skirting boards will also be covered.

Step 2 – Vacuum –  We will power vacuum your floor using a HEPA filtration vacuum cleaner to remove any loose dirt or dust. HEPA vacuums are much more powerful than other vacuum cleaners and restrict unwanted odours being released into the air.

Step 3 – Dry mopping –  using 100% cotton mops, we will ensure complete removal of any remaining loose soils and dust, ready for sanding.

Step 4 – Sanding –  a professional grade abrasive screen disc sanding machine is employed for the  complete removal of any old seal coatings, dirt &  soil, leaving a blank canvas for the next stage.

Step 5 – Edges & corners –  here, we use a specially designed machine that ensures the perimeter of the floor is evenly blended from wall to wall.

Step 6 – Dusting –  once sanding is complete, the team will sweep, dust and vacuum all areas ready for a deep clean.

Step 7 – Deep cleaning –  using a soft cloth dampened with mineral spirits, we will  wipe clean the entire floor for a more in-depth clean, removing any remaining loose dust.

Step 8 – Ventilation –  all windows are opened  to ventilate the area. A selected seal finish product is applied in an unobtrusive area, to ensure colour is to your  satisfaction.

Step 9 – Wood product application –  using specialised rollers and edging brushes, even coats of a wood finishing product will be carefully applied to the floor.

Step 10 –  Sealer & laquer application –  Last but not least, the application of the highest quality strengthening lacquer, which bonds to the wood floor finish to create an incredible protective finish, providing strong durability and ease of maintenance.

If you’d like to receive a detailed and professional wood floor sanding service from Manchester’s wood floor sanding experts, get in touch with us today for a quote.

Give us a call on 0161 480 4848 or request a quote using the form below.

Mike Philbin

Mike Philbin

Floor Restoration & Maintenance Expert, host of & Director @ Nu-Life Floor Care, love my family, giving amazing customer service & Man City