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Deep Clean

Dive in at the Deep Clean End!

By October 18, 2017No Comments
Christmas seems to come earlier every year, but the winter flu & office viruses even earlier, right?
An estimated 140 million work days will be lost to sickness this year with the winter months seeing the peak.
There is only really one way to ensure you maintain productivity this winter, deep clean. 

A Deep Clean is a must to remove the dreaded bacteria that passes around the office resulting in endless lost work days. But there are a few other precautions you can take to limit the spread of the virus and thus, reduce sick days. We look at the following three that have proven effective with our Deep Clean projects:
Hand Wash – You may have come across liquid hand cleaning dispensers in hospitals, cruise ships, etc. anywhere where there’s a significant volume of people who come are in proximity to each other. It is well-known viruses are most commonly passed by hand to door handles, telephones, keyboards, etc. therefore killing the germ off at this stage can prove very useful in preventing an outbreak.
Self-Cleaning Surfaces – Several technologies exist applicable on a variety of surfaces from door handles to mouse mats to counter mats that self-clean, kills germs and their spread.
Good Office Hygiene – It’s now widely known that the average mobile phone has more bacteria than an office toilet seat! Encouraging best practice hygiene work practices can make a significant impact on the effects of the dreaded lurgy doing the rounds. Again, there’s ultraviolet technology that can be utilised to clean mobile phones, but urging staff to remove dirty hankies, don’t leave used mugs on their desks and washing hands after a loo break are the easy win solutions.
NuLife Floorcare has provided expert cleaning services for over 30 years. A family run business based in the North West of England NuLife is highly recommended by many of the prestigious hotels, football stadia, public leisure centres, commercial property management agents and many more within the area. Recognised as the specialist in the cleaning, polishing, the treatment, and restoration of stone, wood and carpet.
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Mike Philbin

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