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THIS WEEK in Episode 2 of our SECOND SEASON!

We follow Mike on two completely different jobs, each with HUGE CHALLENGES. Will we pull through and make our clients happy, or will it prove too difficult? WATCH TO FIND OUT!


The first job we visit in episode 2 is the halls of residence at Manchester University.

We’ve been challenged to reveal and bring back to life some very old original parquet block flooring that has been buried under a layer of screed, then plasterboard has been laid over it AND THEN carpet on top of that.

So that means a lot of prep work and getting rid of roughly a billion nails BEFORE we can even start sanding and restoring the parquet blocks. It’s a lot of work, but if we pull it off it’s going to look BEAUTIFUL!

NEXT we are cleaning some granite steps at a commercial premises that the client has struggled to get clean over the last few years.

No matter what they’ve tried it hasn’t worked and still left the dirt build-up and weathering on the steps.

So our NuLife exterior cleaning division stepped in with our TORC system.

It’s a type of media blasting that is widely known as the safest and most efficient way of cleaning stone, with one of its specialty services being to clean old heritage stone as it won’t cause any damage.

We thought it would be the best system to finally get these granite steps clean.

Will it work???

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