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If you’re looking for the best marble floor polishing then you have come to the right place, watch marble floor polishing videos before you book a FREE marble floor polishing survey

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This week Mike tries to keep our top secret polishing powder under wraps & Jay heads out to a beautiful domestic building for a full external roof, render & stone clean in the latest episode of Inside NuLife!

It’s EP006!

In episode 6 of Inside NuLife we’re in The Lowry Hotel in Manchester polishing the marble floor in reception ready for the end of lockdown. Finally!

We show you our full process of how we clean and polish a marble floor (with our secret powder) and bring it back to looking amazing just in time for guests to start returning to beautiful The Lowry Hotel in Manchester.

And in the opposite direction Jay visits a lovely house transforming this black slate roof as good to good as new again and also undertakes a full render and stone clean on the whole house as well. The results at the end are amazing!

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In this video you will see us marble polishing floor polishing with our secret polishing powder.

It isn’t a full marble restoration but we are cleaning and polishing the marble floor with diamond pads polishing pads on our marble machine.

If you want to learn how to polish marble then this is the video for you!

Marble restoration and polishing with our marble polishing compound and marble polishing powder process.

At the end of the video you will some amazing before and after shots and will give you a really good idea of how we polish marble stone.

In our other project this week we are undertaking a roof cleaning soft wash and will show you what roof cleaning equipment we use and use our roof cleaning drone to get some amazing before and after shots of the slate roof when it was dirty and also show you the finished results.

This is an amazing roof cleaning before and after and will also go through our roof cleaning setup from one of the best roof cleaning business on this beautiful slate roof.