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Watch Our Series ‘Inside NuLife’ below!

It’s Inside NuLife Episode 3, Season 2!

What’s on this week?

This week Jay oversees some Commercial Cladding & Mike revisits a project from our very first episode to show you how it all turned out!

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Two projects with Jay & Mike. The first is a huge

Commercial Cladding Cleaning

at a warehouse in North Manchester, showing you the equipment we use and how we clean and restore with the DOFF steam cleaning system and Jetwashing.

And in Liverpool

Mike, our CEO, revisits the first project that we showed in Episode One, Season 1 of Inside NuLife! This project has been 10 months in the making and we finally get to show you the transition from old, worn-out warehouse to beautifully restored, rustic, converted office spaces.

We loved working on this project and we were able to work on a variety of different jobs throughout this huge warehouse spanning over several floors.

This episode shows A LOT of wood floor sanding and restoration and a whole load of pressure washing to get some dirty cladding looking as good as new.

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