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It’s EP005 of Inside NuLife!

In this episode we restore one of the galleries at The Tate Liverpool with some beautiful wood sanding AND we head to a leisure center in Lancashire where we take a dirty old pool and get crazy results with a huge tile clean!

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In the 1980’s Alan Bowness started the process of bringing the Tate Modern in the South up to the North, and a few years later, in 1988 The Tate Liverpool opened at the Albert Docks and now welcomes over 600,000 visitors every year!

Obviously it’s closed at the moment because of the pandemic but they are slowly getting ready for when we can all go to our favourite galleries again!

And that’s where we come in!

We’ve done work in The Tate Liverpool before and this time we’re in one of the galleries ripping up a tape exhibition and sanding and refinishing the wooden floors!

You’ll get to see how we sand beautiful old wood floor boards and give you some wood sanding tips and tricks.

We may be biased, but we at NuLife think it’s the best wood sanding in the UK and at the end of the video you will see some beautiful wood sanding and also some Albert Dock Liverpool History!

And in Lancashire Jay is undertaking some satisfying tile and grout cleaning at a huge leisure center, the results are amazing, going from old and dirty to looking like new again!

Who knew tile cleaning could be so satisfying!

The scope of this work is huge and includes a really satisfying pool cleaning and we think it’s one of the best satisfying videos in the world!

So if you are interested in satisfying cleaning videos asmr and you want the best cleaning company in the world then look no further!

Our Inside NuLife series is the youtube tv series to watch in the UK!

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