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The Complete Carpet Stain Solution Guide

By February 24, 2016January 5th, 2017No Comments

After more than 30 years of providing professional carpet cleaning services in the UK, Nu-Life Floorcare have seen it all. Food, drink, pet stains, paint, glue, ink – the list is endless, but fortunately, 3 decades of experience in removing carpet stains has given us a lot of insight into what stains can be removed by what solution. So, we’ve put together a complete carpet stain/solution guide for you to use next time there’s an accident in your home…

Simply find on the chart which stain you’re dealing with and then match the number to the solution on the list:


Berries4Linseed Oil1
Blood11Machine Oil1
Chewing Gum2Milk2
Chocolate2Mixed Drinks4
Coffee4Nail Varnish1
Cooking Oil1Paint (Latex)1
Cough Syrup5Rust10
Crayon1Salad Dressing1
Curry10Shoe Polish Liquid10
Dye10Shoe Polish Paste1
Egg2Soft Drinks4
Foundation Cream1Soya Sauce2
Fruit Juice4Starch2
Furniture Polish1Sweets4
Furniture Polish (Stain)9Tar/Soot1
Garden Soil2Tea4
Gravy1Typewriter Ribbon1
Hair Oil1Toothpaste2
Hair Spray1Urine (Dry)12
Hand Lotion1Urine (Wet)8
Ice Cream2Varnish3
Ink (Ball Point)1Vomit5
Ink (Felt Tip)1WAX (Candle)7
INK (Fountain Pen)6Wax (Paste)1
Ink (Permanent)5White Glue2


1 –  Solvent > blot > detergent > blot > water > blot

2 –  Detergent > blot> ammonia> blot > detergent > blot > water > blot

3 –  Solvent > detergent > blot > water >blot

5 –  Detergent > blot >ammonia >blot > white vinegar > Blot > water > blot

6 –  Detergent > blot > white vinegar > blot> ammonia> blot > water > blot

7 –  Freeze with ice cubes > shatter with blunt object > vacuum > solvent > wait 7 minutes > blot >
Repeat if necessary.

8 –  Blot > water > blot > ammonia > detergent > Blot > water > blot

9 –  Denatured alcohol > blot > repeat if necessary

10 – Call a carpet cleaning professional

11 – Use cold ingredients: Detergent > blot > ammonia > blot > detergent > blot > water > blot

12 – Detergent > blot > vinegar > blot > ammonia > blot > Detergent > blot > water > blot

If your carpets are past the point of a quick and simple stain removal and you think they need restoring professionally, contact the carpet cleaning team at Nu-Life and we can bring out that brand new look in your carpets. Having carried out professional carpet cleaning services in Manchester for thousands of happy customers, you can rely on our team to provide real results.

Give us a call now on 0161 483 7284 or fill in the form below for a fast quote:

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Mike Philbin

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